Ready To Stay

다니엘 제갈

They wanna battle me

U better step to me

지금 내 목적은 Finding my destiny

내 꿈은 아티스트 근데 이미 됐으니

Pedal to the metal ready set Woo

Okay now They be lookin away

Cause I shine now

그리고 You 워너비 래퍼들은 Time out

O wow going away saying tchau tchau

Huh? Vroom vroom out

엔진소리 따라 We go wild out

I got the keys Sheesh

There's a reason why they call me loud Wow

Huh yea get out my way its my day day day

Now u wanna about me 검색해 해 해

Huh sei para all day day

Everybody wanna see me better pay pay


I'm ready to stay

To stay in the race

Better watch me at the top peak

I'm the top pick 지금 Number one topic

Cocky 래퍼들은 나를 보고 따라해 Just copy

1 2 hook으로 다 KO 마치 록키

I'm an icon (Ikon) like 바비

Formula1처럼 아무도 못 막지

Moving too fast like I'm riding in a rarri

Shining bright made you look twice like JYP

Schooling u 래퍼 Coz all of u learning

시험볼 데는 I keep it a hundred

니들은 다 똑같애 Looking suburban

Got too many verses feeling like a sermon

O Swerving

O You riding my wave like you surfing

O O Same every morning

Get my respect And collect all the earnings


주인공처럼 I'm the main

그대로 있어 In ur lane

I've been riding with the flow

상파울루 다음 LA to 서울

지금 시간에 나를 보고 네 여자는 반했지

보니 앤 클라이드처럼 Ride or die

난 이미 빛나지 Without any diamonds

I come alive Then compromise

The thoughts inside

Cause my greed wanna multiply

I let it slide inside my mind

I give it time

But I been in this road and it don't align

The blinding lights 땜에 일어나

날 지켜봐 지금 더 올라가야 돼 비켜봐

So I keep my eyes On final prize

Yea every time

So I'ma be loud like a battle cry

I'm ready to stay

To stay in the race