City of Angels (feat. DJ Vamos, James Keys)

Skinny Chase

My car drive slow but I treat her like a Cadillac

Booty models in the back, yeah I imagine that

Palm trees are broccolis but handicapped

“City of Angels” full of “Mr. Fancy Pants”

No I don’t puff joints, I hop on em

See the bums and crackheads, fiending with no socks on em

It all seems like a paradise

Zoom into Hollywood and then you’ll see the real “Parasites”

My whip and I, cruising down the boulevard

White bitches honking at me, but it wasn’t my fault

A civilized driver with a golf club

It’s in the trunk just in case you wanna start sum

Cuz that’s the Michigan way

I got liabilities and taxes to pay

Life is hard as shit and I’m wondering why

Until I fall asleep to some Mary J. Blige


The I405 you can never get accustomed to

Pay me no mind, I’m tryna chase a hunnit milli too

Look at the YMCA 할머니 pushing through

I’m sick and tired of the above just to name a few

Pink murals and Instagram influence

Selfie sticks and too many YouTubers

Koreatown is in love with all the rumors

The valley accent is prone to give me tumors




LA 마더빠더 LA




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