Into The Night


Seize a move, you're on me, falling, and we were dissolving

You and me, skies above and wide, it brings on the true night on me


All I could feel was a “goodbye” 

Those only words you wrote, it's plenty to understand ya

The sun is going down, the sky behind and visions of you would stand

Overlapping with you and the fence beyond


Remember the night that we met up

Broke into me and taken everything left in my heart

So fragile is that air, it always keeps on revolving near and wide

Loneliness envelops deep in your eyes


It's stuck in “tick-and-tocking” mode

Never refraining shamble, block of sound

Too many terrible noises around

And the voice ringing in me gets louder

With tears about to fall

I need to find me an average happy tiptoe

Locating, never tough when I'm with you


Saw what got seen hid beneath, and louder nights keep beating

I'm going to you, and giving brighter shiny tomorrows

What can "night" for you mean, infinite? You could run with me

Place your hand in mine, you gotta stay, hold up

Want to leave it behind, dark cruel days, in deep, you may have hid before

I'm embracing you until more heat dissolve what is caught up

Sun will soon rise up into a day you're no more too afraid

Keep all of me in you


Only perceiving through your eyes

I see nothing, I'll soon hate you, keep me out, I'm crying out

You're falling into deeper fascination, giving away your love

That expression has got me crying out


She's gonna try to me, she's gonna lie

Got to force a belief and trust to keep on

Every time it happens, heap of attack, and now I'm back in

I got to cry, then who knows?

So we gotta keep on

If you gotta keep on

Then we're gonna keep on

One day, we will understand, I'm believing in you


"No, wanna stop it, you got me tired of walking"

As I show my needs, I reach to get back on, still not fit in

You free my hand, then leave it

"No, wanna stop it, you got me tired of walking"

Never told you the truth, I'm feeling that inside


Back for another "tick-and-tocking" mode

Never refraining shamble, block of sound

Killing, oh, too many words that I gathered around

Won't let me go to your mind

"I want it to be done" is what went out

It found a way to finally leak out of me

And for once, I could make you let out a smile


Saw what got seen hid beneath, and louder nights are keeping me down

My new images of you, now, appear heavenly now

What can "night" for you mean when fallen seas of tears are gone

They dissolve into the peace inside of you


Calling to life, hit beneath, crying days in the eternal

Give me what I saw in you, oh, what an end to stop all

Seize a move, you're on me, falling and we were dissolving

See me to it, fog is leaving, bright air move


Want to leave it behind, tucked all days away, forget, and hid beneath

Hand in hand, extend to me, that let me know beyond falls

Through the seas of beyond, so loud and blows you afloat in the sky

New wind moving into you

Tonight, don't ever lose sight of me and let go

You and me are running through the night in dark, I'll take you