Customer Service (Skit)

에픽하이 (EPIK HIGH)

I'm the top gun I'm the top gun

Competition got none

Show me where you got some

밥 먹자~ 미스라 머 먹을래 치킨~

닭..닭도 닭도리 먹자 난 닭도리탕 콜

도리도리도리~ 콜~

Yo~ it's the dori sound.

This is the doridori sound babe.

Am I check the MIC! Get the phone!

Yo~ Hi Hold on.. Hellow?

Why? ... Why? hello~ Hellow?

Hi.. I.. I callin. Cause I order my

T-shirts from

by still dont get my T-shirts.

What,, Nat King Cole? What?

Yo, Who is it? Why?

hmm I don't know man. hmm

I want my T-shirts.

Young man, I want my T-shirts.

여보세요? Why? Young man,

I want my T-shirts. Is this Ttablo?

여.여보세요? (Is) This Ttablo?

누구세요? Ttablo, I want my T-shirts.

I want my T-shirts


Why? hey what the fuck is this.

우에이고~ Why? Hellow?

Ehuuuu~~~~ Why? Hey,, What,

Why~? What you mean 'Why'?

I. Want. My. T~~ Shrits.

여보세요? so crazy

I want my T-shirts. 네?

Why? (Is) This DJ Ttukutz?

I want my T-shirts.

Ttukut, Is there T-Shirts 저기요, 여보세요?

I want my T-shirts 영어 아닌거 같애..

I want my... How are you?

Why? 아, Who are you인가?

하우아유래.. 야 미스라 니가 받아봐 몰라 나

No more joking.

Do the right thing, young man.

하우아유는 잘있..머시기저시기 그런가?


Yo? Who is this man

with the Hu~sky voice?

I want my T-shirts

예~? T~Shirts 뭐 티샤?

Young man... Young man,

Don't shout at me I want my T-shirts.

Do the right thing 영맨? 뭐 젊다고? 뭐라구.

Oh, my god. I want my T-shirts.

에이 뭐라는거야. 에이에이에이. 에이!

에이, Shut the fuck up!!