The Build Up


Ay shorty don't be calling

Yall be throwing

Throwing parties

I be like you wanna come

They're like prolly

Man I be like come on


Same repeat that oh real nice

You be doing same

오 별로야

I be chilling in the street


We don't give a man

우린 그냥 놀아

Yall ain't really doing

우린 누구 우린 우리

너흰 너 우린 누구

그건 누구 라임인데

우린 이미 시흥인데

라임그거 먹어봤어

그거 일본 어플인데

지금 이 시국인데

Yeah let me go let me

Do it what's up

어차피 가이드니까

대충해도 될까요

핸드폰인데 무슨 아이폰인가요

여기 이백만원짜리

마이크에서 하는건가요

왜케 갑자기 진지했어요

Fifty seven

You know you got this man


You know how we do it man

긴 벌스 Do it

Better than young man

What you say wait a minute


오케이 난 머쉬배놈

플로우 안해요

57 doing that everyday okay

See me in the internet

See me in the street

랩한번 해볼래 안될껀데

You don't want no smoke man

Told you on a last track man

I don't give a

KB's like car coming

I said keep on coming

Tom Won keep on bussing

You thought I was in a super car

I'm in 시내버스

On a next track no cusses

Yeah no cussing

Yeah promise you that what