Posse on Bouldercrest (feat. Pooh Shiesty & Sir Mix-A-Lot)

Gucci Mane(구찌 메인)

Ear Drummers

My posse on Bouldercrest

Mike WiLL Made-It, Gucci Mane slayed it


Me and my gang at home away from home

In a all-red Phantom, in the backseat on the phone

It's callin' up the posse, it's time to get rippin'

And if they get to trippin', then we shootin' like the Pistons

Everybody lookin', if you jealous, turn around

These twenty-six inches got us so high off the ground

The Forgiato rims, they're skinny as the tires

My system soundin' good, but I need the volume higher

The Mike-WiLL kick drum make the bitches get dumb

Rollin' Rolls-Royces, so the jealous wanna get some

Every time we do this, these niggas wanna battle

I'm the man they love to hate, the richest one in East Atlanta

Picked up the posse on 34 and Gresham

Headed up to Bouldercrest, we 'bout to start flexin'

The Phantom kind of crowded, the front was leanin' back

Scarr, he in the Birdie, got two bitches in his lap

On Martin Luther King, the set look kind of dead

We need a new street, so posse move ahead

We all drippin' in ice, the crew you can't forget

The So Icey Boys and we rippin' up the set


My posse's on Bouldercrest

My posse's on Bouldercrest (Mike WiLL Made-It)


The cash is rollin' in, my posse's gettin' bored

There's not another posse with more points scored

We stone cold criminals, we flex like big gorillas

We not the average artist, bitch, we certified killers

I spent a million dollars just for diamonds on my teeth

And every time they see 'em, make their girls get weak

People think we crazy, some think that we are funny

But it ain't hard to tell that we make a lot of money

We clockin' all the dollars, we rock a lot of gold

The other crews mad 'cause we fuckin' all they hoes

Woodland, Custer Ave, me and my crew are thugs

And they so full of drugs they may never sober up

And I'm a dope man and the pack just dropped

If you ain't tryna cop, then this Phantom won't stop

At Boulevard and Moreland the driver broke left

And Shiesty shouted "Bouldercrest, it's time to get def"

My girl blew me a kiss, she said I was the best

She's lookin' mighty freaky in her black silk dress

The closer that we get, the crazier I feel

My posse on Bouldercrest, it's time to get ill


Certified, I'm that lil' nigga that make big ones pay respects

CGE, 1017, covered in choppas and baguettes

We just flew one of they niggas, tryna see who gon' be next

Soon as I burn up this steamer, take me where I parked the 'Vette

Why he keep talkin' like he gangster? Cook him, put him to the test

My opps don't never show they background, know I'll send some' where they at

Them pigs can ask a million questions, still won't get me to say shit

It ain't no tellin' who got shot, if you don't know, you never slid

And they can't act like they don't know me, remember I flew out your bitch

I take they Rollies and their chains, nigga, I'm the reason you hide your wrist

For real menace, been causin' hell, I done did shit you can't forget

I got glizzies around the globe, it ain't shit to get to them sticks

1017, livin' a dream, come eat with us, we'll get you rich


My posse's on Bouldercrest (Big blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)

My posse's on Bouldercrest

My posse's on Bouldercrest

My posse's on Bouldercrest