Time 2 Wreck (With Ness)


Hey you check it out gere I come on the new track

Deuo's in the house and we're giving up no slack

Then I'll funk freaker styles are much slicker

Unique are skills I'm the NO.1 pitcher so

I frips it lips it so check the way I kick KT

Not from California but I'm down with the liquids

It's time to party so get up and move your body

I've got mad connection like my man john gatti


I guess it's my turn to catch rack in the sifer

The atmospher's fly and the crowds are much hignper

So listen up close as I braggingboth

My styles are heat hot from the west coast east coast

The fly girl scooper dope rhyme producer and

You know I get ragit just like a fat trooper

Relax girl and be set cleat and watch my man ness rip it up from rear


실례합니다 Here I come baby ah-

cruise on the strike just like a bean's car

N.E double S to A double O,G

I guarantee to make another rap for free yeah-

They wanna battle who- I'm gonna drop few mega bomb

So just bring me I'm doing it up for the land so come like that yo-


Not, Finish man!

Well it's the ness

Chilling with group call deux guarantee

To produce trying to make you

Get up to see the dance floor

Rhymes're hard so you better explore

New alternative before you get burn

With this microphone because I'm bad to the bone

The native new girl call fly rhyme talker

Stay like a dyanmite like my man jimmy walker


What's up what's up what's going on

Scrip just get flip to the break break down

By the new rhyme selector miracle professor so

Back up before we have to break ya-

Check the tecknic as pick and to speak

I rippen to fame Through out your brain

Setting it up so the people will react

Bust back spin through on my raw hat